Survey prep

It’s been a while since I’ve been to sea on a survey, but it looks as though tomorrow and Friday I’ll be on a fishing boat doing some video surveys. It’s essentially a training/supervisory gig, working with another scientist and a local fishing crew to see how feasible it might be for them to do […]


I’m trying to collect my thoughts on the issues surrounding the debate over casting of the RSC’s The Orphan of Zhao. I think I need a bit more musing-time, but meanwhile here are some links to blogs and discussion relating both directly to the RSC/Zhao case, and to similar experiences elsewhere. To be continued! Main […]

Friend references, reclaiming classical music and embarrassing pet bodies

My brain’s been on overdrive today, so as a consequence everything is a bit fuzzy, and whizzy. And strangely stripy. It may be all the sugar I’ve been eating – pretty much to the exclusion of all proper food. Not to be recommended (often). I wanted to put as a sort of placemarker, so I […]