You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

I make things… all sorts of things! Usually it’s for my own benefit – a sort of ‘productive therapy’. Not that I think all time needs to be productive to have value; that’s not it at all. It’s just that making things gives me pleasure, and exercises the problem-solving areas of my brain, and I enjoy having tangible things that I’ve wrought with my own hands. I also tend to make things that I want to have around me, to decorate my house or because they have meaning or – in the words of Marie Kondo – because they ‘spark joy’.

So, most of the time, I make for me. But sometimes, and almost exclusively in the case of jewellery, I’m finding, I love making for others.

If you’d like to follow my general makes, I often post things to my regular Instagram, but for *just* the makes I have a dedicated insta feed, which is @jessmakescoolthings. This tends to be crochet things (often geek related).

I also make and [will eventually] sell jewellery. This is going to have its own site: stardust + spindrift. And it also has its own Instagram feed, @stardustandpindriftjewellery, which is fairly active and is where I post pictures of works in progress, finished pieces, and other jewellery-related thoughts and inspiration.

There’ll be a shop set up soon on the website, but meanwhile I’m more than happy to chat if there’s something you’ve seen that you like me to make for you (or even if you just have an idea and wonder if it’s something I might be able to make for you).

Just head to the stardust + spindrift website for contact details.