First post

There’s something about a blank page, and I think this extends to a blank blog, that invites something like stage fright. A sort of expectation, and a pressure to come up with the goods. Perhaps it’s the same phenomenon that leads to devastating originality at soundchecks.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3….

But writer’s block, or whatever it might be, is supposedly best tackled head on. Word by word, baby steps, just-write-something. So…

I’ve always been frightened about getting things started. That may say more about me that I’m comfortable to admit! So although I’m not new to blogging, and the domain name and site for this have been in my ownership for well over a year – well, this is me getting started, finally. And perhaps it’s indicative of a greater sense of purpose that I seem to be developing in my life. I’m very happy to have survived my twenties, and I think it’s my thirties that will see me thrive and made good on some of the promises I’d previously made to myself but have only recently admitted to. There’s only so much research, preparation and practice that you can do before you just get on with it, after all. You can clean every last room in the house, alphabetise your CD collection (fun fact – I have done this*) and so forth, but eventually there’s nothing to hide behind. Procrastination gets boring eventually.

So this is me starting something. I realise it’s been a first post about first posts, but the internet can handle a bit more meta. And see, it’s out the way now; the spell is broken and I can start writing whatever I like. That’s what it’s all about, after all.

*Alphabetically by genre. Why yes, I am a geek – thanks for noticing…

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