As an 80s kid, I’m always excited by fashion nostalgia that nods to the decade that brought us The Goonies, John Hughes films and power ballads.

To give you an idea of what I looked like when NKOTB were famous, here’s a photo of me as a bridesmaid at a cousin’s wedding…

This is how we rolled in the 80s.

Yellow, by the way, is THE ONLY colour scheme for the discerning 80s bride. Neon, for preference – but then how is one to coordinate the flowers? Net curtain material is so hot right then and looks oh-so-chic worn with… what is that, a quilted faux fur coat? Wow. I wonder what happened to that.

For the casual 80s kid, go for man-made fibres and bold colour juxtaposed against stonewashed denim…

Stonewashed jeans AND neon checked patches? Yessir.

Add a shiny nylon sports top and you’re hot to trot.

Anyway, my style hasn’t matured much beyond this so any revival of the fashions of the golden era is basically just an excuse for me to stock up on clothes. I’m still waiting for those jeans to hit the racks in Primark, but what is exciting me at the moment is the triumphant resurgence of hi-tops. They’re everywhere, and here are a few that have caught my eye.

Dunlop Panel High Top


I can’t decide if these are awesome or hideous. I think that means that they’re authentically and inherently 80s. They remind me of green flash trainers, and/or something that one might wear to promote correct posture.






DC Shoe multi

These are the business. Nice and bright, with a contrast sole – and polka dots! I like. I’m not 100% sure, however, that anyone who was actually around in the 80s is young enough to pull these off in the present day. I may get back to you on that one.






River Island beige fur-lined

These are quite fun, and I like them but I foresee a drawback… They’re seemingly a winter shoe, due to the fur lining, but they’d get knackered by wet weather. So they’re a shoe for cool, yet dry climates. Or dry days in a temperate winter. So anyone west of the Pennines can probably forget it, but East Anglians may get some use outta them.

I could probably write a java program to select areas with suitable climate for optimum use of this shoe. And then plot the resulting raster in GIS. But I’m not going to, because (contrary to appearances) I do have better things to do. But part of me wants to do it anyway.



River Island dark brown wedge

These… I’m not really sure what to say, or why someone thought they’d be a good idea. I was curious, admittedly – and I tried some on. They’re really uncomfortable and confusing to my brain because they *look* like they should be good to wear and schlep about in, but in fact are Fashion Forward, which is another way of saying uncomfortable and impractical. If you’re the sort of gal who can’t wear anything without a heel, I’m not totally sure you’d be buying hi-tops – but I may be wrong about that. It was nice to not be a short-arse, but my mobility is too high a price to pay.



Nike “Dunk”

I like the camouflage-esque print detail and bright yellow tongue on these. Kind of awesome. Not sure I could drop £90 on them, though, unless my lottery numbers come through this evening.




Adidas Purple Midiru Court

Purple! Addidas! Leather! All good features. It seems many people agree, as they’re showing out of stock at the time of posting. They look comfy, too.



Etnies “Woozy”, also in purple






These are extra cool because they’re sort of named after me. Or, we share a nickname. And, they’re etnies – a brand I associate with my brother, who may as well be sponsored by them. Fun fact: I made him an etnies-trainer-shaped cake for his 30th earlier this year, Ace of Cakes stylee.

Anyway, I am also digging the turn-down collar on these hi-tops and the contrast sole. They may be a little too bright for me, though.

Well, this was fun! I’m off to watch Lovejoy whilst drinking Vimto made with my Sodastream and eating Lovehearts. The cool/tragic (rad?) thing is that all of those things are still 100% available today, no effort required. I think I’d be hard-pressed to avoid the 80s if I wanted to. Which I don’t, until I start thinking about how many decades ago it all is and start feeling old. That’s totally bogus. Drag.

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