Looking back, looking forward

I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to import old posts on one or more of the past blogs I’ve kept (still undecided), and in the process have been re-reading some of the things that preoccupied me a few years ago. It’s fascinating and weird. I suppose writing blog posts has always been a cross between procrastination and an actual urge to write stuff; that probably won’t change. For example, right now I should be paying a bit more attention to my tax return. Back when I started a LiveJournal under a pseudonym, I was trying to let off steam in between crunching data and writing up reports and my dissertation during my MSc.

Since Twitter and Facebook came along, it’s been easier to dip in and out of social interactions online. In some respects, the results have been more meaningful – maintaining or cultivating relationships with friends, colleagues and a wider circle of people I cross paths with in real life. But I’ve missed the discipline of sitting down and having to think a bit more carefully, structuring what I write into a post that says something (or nothing, even) in whatever style or tone seems right in context. Actually crafting what I write, in other words.

Another difference is that I’m now writing as me, rather than with the anonymity of a virtual identity. That changes things in terms of what I’m prepared to share; actually, the idea of over-sharing has meant that I’ve refrained from writing as regularly. It’s a bit weird to think of  my inner thought processes being splattered over the internet, regardless of how few people I expect to actually read any of this.  I’m also a bit conscious of the potential to feed my more narcissistic tendencies – not something I want to encourage.

So much navel-gazing (about the fear of over-navel-gazing); it’s crippling. And a bit wanky, actually.

So, here it is: I’ll write about stuff. I need the practice and it’s free. Some stuff will be considered, some will be opinion-led – but all I really need is the motivation to write about it. I figure if it gets through my natural inclination to fart about and vacillate, it’s probably more or less worth posting. YMMV.

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