Parade’s End Ep. 3

I caught the third installment of Parade’s End last night. I’ve been enjoying the series immensely -although normally at a more appropriate viewing time thanks to the magic of my DVR (BBC schedulers – Friday evening? How perverse). This episode definitely felt like we were getting right into the heart of the story, with the plot taking a scenic route through some meaty character development of the main trio. The acting is fantastic throughout. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Tietjens is heartbreaking in the scene where he describes the different sounds of death-by-incendiary-device; a pitch-perfect portrait of a man who’s left a part of himself in the trenches. But this week was the week that Rebecca Hall totally stole the show. I love her complex, layered performance as the impossible Sylvia. Love love love. Adelaide Clemens’ Valentine is growing on me much more – and it’s clear she’s framed to be Christopher’s soulmate – but she remains a fairly passive character; I imagine this will change as we reach the apex of the love triangle into the back two episodes.

The supporting cast are all impressive, too – and it’s such a well crafted piece of TV. Classy, funny, clever and thinky. BAFTAs all round, if there’s any justice.

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